Yo, Yo home-dawgs! T'is a Raoud 'n' d'is space 'n' d'is Wiki-feria!

Ok, so speaking english now...

~ Raoud: A species of male human who likes to draw on KGO and various other Oekaki's. He also likes to believe he's female and prances around the mall in his sisters' clothes (that miraculously fit). Raoud weighs almost 200 lbs. and stands no higher than 5' 4" and still growing. His personality can be quite random and odd at times. He has few friends and even fewer best friends. If you ever see a Raoud, he'll let you know. This Raoud currently resides in Washington, and loves to watch people and nature go by. This species also likes to travel, he has been to New York City, Orlando, Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Yokohama, Idaho, San Fran, Lo Angles, San Diego, Pheonix, Tombstone, Whitehorse, Victoria, Whidbey Island, Bainbridge Island, and up and down Long Beach.